Bluetooth Spy Camera 1080P

Bluetooth Spy Camera 1080P


The Bluetooth Spy Camera with Built-In DVR is a lightweight camera, audio recorder, and video camera. Disguised to look like a normal Bluetooth headset, this all-in-one spy system takes high-resolution snapshots and full-motion color video. With a photo snapshot resolution of 4032 X 3024 and a video resolution of 1920 X 1080P, you will get clear video evidence of your face to face encounters. Excellent choice for a law enforcement officer on patrol or private investigator doing field interviews.

How Does It Work?

Use the included USB cable to charge your Bluetooth spy camera using the USB port on your computer. The charging indicator will turn from flashing to steady when the battery is fully charged. Press the power button to enter standby mode then press the photo button to capture photos or press the video button to start video capture. The system has Micro SD Card Slot that will hold a 32GB Micro SD Card. . Depending on you can expect to achieve about 90 minutes of battery life which mode you’re operating in. to review your video simply plug the device into your computer through the USB port and use your video player to watch the files.


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