HD Camera Eyewear

HD Camera Eyewear


The HD 720P Sunglasses Spy Eyewear Hidden Digital Video Recorder DVR with PC Camera Function, stands out as the best quality product currently on the market and which has a standardized resolution of 1280 * 720 that allows great imaging and appearance on your screen. Apart from the resolution, this product has also been designed in such a way that it has a high recording speed of 30fps, a CMOS camera with 5 mega pixels pinhole that ensures clearer digital video recording, a built-in Max 32GB, the 4GB complementary TF Card, a read or write speed of 1.5 to 60MBps and an AVI video format.

In addition, this spy glasses has a number of advantages and is mostly used by hunters, journalists, traffic, ATV enthusiasts and anglers. It embraces various fashion concepts, and is easy to connect to your laptop or PC as there is no need of downloading drivers.


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